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Building Relationships

We have built solid relationships with music corporations and industry experts who can help grow the artists or clients career or brand.



Managing Your Career

We will help guide and serve as liaison with major business decisions. It’s safe to say that a manager is a vital part of an artist’s development.



Event and Production Services

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A great event starts with a strong team and great ideas, then ends with crowds and perfect execution!

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Here At LRG Management

LusciousRedGold Entertainment is a licensed and insured full-service entertainment company with its main office located in Las Vegas, Nevada. LRG Entertainment company does it all! Not only do we create and manage live music events but we also manage and develop the careers of our recording artists, bands, and entertainers. Our award-winning talent will work to define your concepts and we are experts at designing them to work seamlessly with the client’s vision and direction. We not only represent, but make it a priority to protect our client’s vision and information. We help guide and can serve as liaisons with major businesses and will use our experience and name to help our clients build their brand and connect with sponsors. Our reputation will proceed us as we work tirelessly to establish and build our client’s long term goals and responsibility across several forms of media including music, film, television, touring, producing and selling merchandise, securing endorsements, and managing social media. We are known throughout Las Vegas and coordinate with numerous promoters, recording labels, agencies so the client does not have to. LRG Entertainment Company also gives back. We are from here! We love our community and work closely to organize live music events and promotions for discounted prices or no charge for Non-profit Organizations and local politicians. When you are with us you are family and we have your back, with the power and drive to back up everyone of your ambitions. When you come to LRG Management.